Our First Client

Heide Hooper of Heide’s Gourmet Butter Mints was our first client. Using a family recipe, Heide made small batches of butter mints to sell at trade shows and boutique stores. Her mints were highly regarded and she received distribution offers from large retailers like Harris Teeter and Williams Sonoma. However, she was making her mints in a friend's kitchen and was therefore unable to produce the volumes demanded by large distributors. To increase her output to the levels required for large distribution deals, Heide needed to move production into an industrial facility. However, she lacked the capital necessary for the move.

To help Heide expand her business, BTH endorsed her for a $5,000, zero-interest loan through a crowdfunding platform called Kiva Zip. Additionally, we assigned a team of students to help Heide develop her business. Since taking on Heide as a client, we have worked with her on a weekly basis — enhancing her social media presence, handling business issues, and creating a new website and online store for her butter mints. So far, Heide has repaid 74% of her loan. We look forward to working with her for the remainder of her 24 month repayment term in December 2016.

"Heide's Gourmet Butter Mints founder seeks sweet success with mints"

Persistence is part of the DNA of every successful entrepreneur. And Heide Hooper appears to possess that gene.

Almost sliced in half by a boat propeller, she was pulled from the bottom of the Intracoastal Waterway in 1977. An off-duty paramedic dove off the Wrightsville Beach drawbridge to save her. She was not expected to survive the accident, she says.